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"I'm right," Riley said to herself, scribbling her thoughts on her final page of paper, "Oh, God! Why did I have to be right?"

In Siren Head: Retribution, you play as a mechanic on what should have been routine maintenance. It should have been easy to drive up to the Chattahoochee National Forest ranger station. It would have been easy to meet up with Riley and Dan for another quiet evening. It should have been easy to leave.

Things rarely turn out the way we expect them to. 

Trapped by a malevolent creature based on the horrifying works of Trevor Henderson, you find yourself in a battle of wits against the eponymous Siren Head. 

Siren Head: Retribution includes an open world, a dynamic enemy, and multiple endings to discover. Will you repair your only escape? Or will you disappear along with the rest?


Hey everyone, I'm Nathan Brower, and thanks for checking out Siren Head: Retribution! I developed this with the help of my brother, Matthew, and I hope you have as much fun playing this as we did making it. If you are interested in supporting us, donations are greatly appreciated! 

Note to content creators: all sounds in this game are either created by us, or Creative Commons 0, so you shouldn't have any issues. 

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Finally! How to get the secret ending.

Really want to play and enjoy this game but for some reason the character never stops moving. from the time the game launches.

The character just keeps walking forward/left.

Can you please help

Anotha one!


Very nice game!!


For the French if that interests :)

I love this game, i will follow you! :) (Nathan Brower)

Awe thanks, glad you enjoyed :)


Had trouble with this one, Took me so many freaking tries to beat it... only to realize there are alternative endings 

What are the minimal requirements? (30 FPS minimum)

Hi BilleteDe2Peso!

We tested this game on a laptop with the following hardware:

CPU with 4 cores @ 2.9GHz

NVIDIA Quadro M2000M

32GB of RAM

This ran okay, and while you could get away with less RAM, these would be my minimum recommended specs.


I just played your game on my BitChute channel!  Feel free to check it out!



Enjoyed this game very much!

Sorta.... I was screaming most of the time, I mean the Siren Head doesn't look scary but it's just the thought of something chasing you that really f**ked me up XD.



I hate Siren Head : D GOSH I SWEAT

UGH there si strange monster chasing you


i  am in love

This was an amazing game it scared the crap out of me. i really enjoy playing it and if your thinking about playing it just do it. you wont regret it.


Nice Game I recommend


Really fun game that keeps you on edge. Still trying to get the good ending. I almost did, but he caught me while on the ladder. Great Job! 


Kept me on my toes the entire game!


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how to delete this game

Hi mr bonnie, to uninstall the game, simply open the settings on your computer, and click on Apps. From there, scroll until you find Siren Head: Retribution. Clicking on the game should reveal a button allowing you to uninstall.

Hope this helps, and I hope you enjoyed the game! :)


yes thats rilly helpfull but nvm i finish unstall it and i rilly enjoy your game that game is the best siren head game the best one

Hey Nathan, can you please tell me how to lower the graphics or something, i really wanna try this game out, it looks amazing, the only problem is lag, so please add a graphics option with High, Medium and Low quality. Thanks! :)

Sorry friend. There are no graphics settings in this game, and also no plans to add them.


Oh well, i dont mind, atleast its an amazing game, which is worth making. heh...


Hey Nathan, I've been trying to download the game (pop up blocker and security settings are totally off) but the site never links me. I've had this issue with other games on itch.io but if there is an "alternate download" link it always works.  Any idea of what to do about this?


nm, got it to work! Thank you and Matt for your hard work and  dedication! 


I'm not a big-time YouTuber (Or even a name that like... anyone outside of my social circle would recognize) but here's my thoughts on the game!

An absolutely amazing project, fantastic design, actually scared me more than once, you can feel the tension when that thing is chasing you- 10/10 would recommend, especially great job adding multiple endings one would want to track down! (A big thank you to the creators for putting so much work in, too!!!)

Thanks so much! <3


Hey I really enjoyed your siren head game! I played 2 games in this vid and yours is the 2nd one. 


I had the extreme pleasure of reviewing your game!!

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I should how known it was going to be loud...

can i run this on 32 bit?

No, you cannot. Sorry! ;(

aw well thanks! :D

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If anyone wants to know,  here is how to get the good and secret ending.


I was putting off playing a Siren Head game for so long, but this was a quite a bit of fun, it did get to me a number of times 🤣

I played this game in the latest episode of my 'Quick Scares' series on my YouTube channel. Check it out! 😄👇


So far im searching Siren head game. your game are the best 
i really enjoy it


why don't you try make a game where you play as siren head (or you can't do that)

I wanna see you try that


it was a challange! not a mean comment.


I liked this game. The best  game about Siren Head that I have played so far.


Definitely one of the best Siren Head games out there. Nice job on this! It's pretty damn creepy, man.


One of the best SH games thus far, though the non-renewable stamina bugs me. Yet I have to say you've had the best version of Siren Head so far, it was always creeping around me but I almost never saw it but I knew it was there! Well done.

can u make linux version?

(1 edit)

is it free

Yup! Totally free! Enjoy!



how do i change graphics?

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Great game, really scary and freaked me out for a couple days after lol


Could only get the Bad Ending lol but it was fun and very stressful in a mostly good way :) 


This is the first Siren Head game I've actually checked out, and having watched a lot of other Siren Head videos, this game seems to be the best.

It isn't janky at all, and runs great! It has a nice compelling story for what's going on, and Siren Head is creepy.

I did really enjoy the game, but one thing that didn't sit well with me, was the none regenerative stamina. I understand trying something different to make it more of a survival horror experience, but I'd already used half my bar before the pop up had appeared to let me know I wouldn't be getting it back.
So, once I died I didn't really have time to go back through it again.

That is literally the only issue I had with the game, other than that it was great, keep up the great work!

Here's my playthrough for anyone interested (time stamps in the description):

Hey dude could you show me create my own game its serious

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